Good Toslink Cable From Squeezebox Receiver To DAC


I am abroad and am getting a friend to get me a Squeezebox Duet from the US. I am planning to hook it up to my Mark Levinson No. 36 DAC via a Toslink cable. What is a good cable (cost effective) to order from the US?

I know coaxial is better than Toslink but the coaxial input into my DAC is already taken by my CD Transport.

Any help appreciated speedily please as my friend will be leaving the US soon.

Van Den Hul "Optocoupler Mk II"

Note: Avoid the "plastic" fiber optical cables. Look for optical cables that utilize pure glass fiber optics.
Also consider Audioquest Optilink, Wireworld supernova 5+ and Ixos Ixotica toslink
lots of snakeoil sold in the interconnect trealm, esp. with respect to digital. any well-made cable will sound the same--either it delivers the signal or it doesn't. purveyors of these pseudo scientific $1000 toslink cables are pounding you between the buttcheeks.
Thanks for the response so far - don't really want to spend so much.

Someone on AA suggested the good value glass fibre toslink below

Anyone have any experience with it? Only $20 for 6 feet.

Also, does length cause signal degradation?

Just an update.

I just realised that my DAC has a spare BNC S/PDIF Digital Input.

In this case, am I better off with a RCA or coaxial cable from the Squeezebox Receiver digital output into a BNC Adaptor (am confused as to which is male and female)?

Does this give better sound and if so what brands to look at (bearing in mind cost effectiveness)