"Good tube Integrated Amps"

What are some very good tube integrated amps to consider under $4000

Have you considered a hybrid ? My friend is using a  Vincent Audio SSV-237 and it is stellar.
Operates in class A for the first 10 watts , 150wpc -8ohm / 250wpc-4ohm .Sells in Canada 
for around $2500.Many great reviews .

I have a Mastersound 845 which is a wonderful SET design.  It may be just above your price range but they also have a number of cheaper units in there range

The Due Trenta SE retails for just over 3 thousand pounds (English) which I think is round about 4 thousand dollars


They also have another 2 integrated a couple of thousand quid cheaper



I'm from the UK so the above links are for the UK importer, I would imagine Mastersound have a US importer

Mastersounds web site is


Beautiful Italian styling combined with sublime sounds = happy listener



Ars Sonum Filarmonia. Very musical. I use it with Merlins and the pairing is very special. Well within your price range on the used market.