Good value upgrade from PSB STRATUS GOLDS to ?

The upgrade bug is beginning to Bite. Can anyone suggest a good value replacement for the stratus golds. I listen to mostly to smooth jazz and classic rock. My listening room is fairly large at 27 by 18 feet with a vaulted ceiling. I would hope to retain my existing components. Bryston 4bst, Rogue 66 Magnum preamp, Msb dac with p1000 PS, etc. Would appreciate anyones thoughts.

I have similar size of listening room and went from the Stratus Golds to Dunlavy SC-4, if you can handle their size!
I appreciate everyone's response.

Would someone care to comment on any of the following..

1: The difference between the Legacy Focus, and the Focus 20 20? It seems that the Focus 20 20 goes for quite a bit more $$.

2: What difference is there between the Dunlavy SC-IV and the SC-IVA; and what are the diminsions of these cabinets?

3: Which of these would you consider the better upgrade value, and why? (Dunlavy SC-IV or the Legacy Focus)
It'll be interested to see the comparison among these 3.
SC-4 now can be found around $2500, very good value. However they are heavy, ~185lbs/each and tall, 70in.

Alan, one thing I'm sure is that no matter which one of the three you pick, your amp can not drive them to the full potential. Happy hunting !
You mentioned that you had upgraded from the PSB golds to the Dunlavy SC-4. Did you find the SC4'S noticably less efficient than the golds? Also could I ask what you are currently using to power your SC4S?
Not efficiency issue. On the contrary, SC-4 is more efficient than Gold. What I meaned is you need a decent amp to realize how good they are. My amp is Aleph 2, the best ss amp to my limited knowledge.