Good value vintage pressing of CCR Cosmo’s Factory?

Kinda rediscovered my liking/appreciation for CCR. I only really want Cosmo’s Factory…I’m a new member of Discogs but trust you guys more.

Not interested in exotic pressings, *new pressings, etc

*YMMV, but I’ve never heard a modern repressing of anything that comes close to the best of the old ones….no matter what hype stickers are applied!

MY QUESTION: I’M willing to go $80 - $100 for a true NM-+ pressing of CF…what pressings/years should I be looking for if seeking best bang for that audio buck?


(And NO, I’m not using this to drum up an acquisition here! (I despise that greasy practice!))




And please, don’t ask what my system is or room dimensions 🤫 let’s stay on topic 🤣

No seriously…and I don’t know if this hurts or helps…I like Rich full vintage sound over thin, accurate…also I’m not Fixated on Bass like some. Hope this helps.


I do have a proficient system though.

From what I see the 1978 Japanese pressing (Fantasy ‎– VIP-5058) is slightly better than the 1970 US release. 

Japanese Release (Fantasy ‎– VIP-5058)

Analyzed: Creedence Clearwater Revival / Cosmo's Factory [Japan VIP-5058]

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track
DR14      -1.59 dB   -18.07 dB      7:12 01-Ramble Tamble
DR16      -1.08 dB   -18.39 dB      3:29 02-Before You Accuse Me
DR13      -1.67 dB   -17.08 dB      2:11 03-Travelin' Band
DR14      -0.94 dB   -17.82 dB      2:11 04-Ooby Dooby
DR14      -3.48 dB   -19.96 dB      2:36 05-Lookin' Out My Back Door
DR12      -6.31 dB   -20.73 dB      3:11 06-Run Through The Jungle
DR12      -4.57 dB   -17.97 dB      2:45 07-Up Around The Bend
DR13      -2.57 dB   -17.47 dB      2:21 08-My Baby Left Me
DR13      -4.72 dB   -19.60 dB      2:32 09-Who'll Stop The Rain
DR13      -1.31 dB   -17.30 dB     11:09 10-I Heard It Through The Grapevine
DR14      -2.42 dB   -19.50 dB      3:41 11-Long As I Can See The Light

Number of tracks:  11
Official DR value: DR13

US Release (Fantasy ‎– 8402)

Analyzed: Creedence Clearwater Revival / Cosmo's Factory

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track
DR13      -1.28 dB   -16.53 dB      7:09 01-Ramble Tamble
DR14      -1.35 dB   -17.80 dB      3:26 02-Before You Accuse Me
DR12      -3.27 dB   -17.67 dB      2:07 03-Travellin' Band
DR13      -1.75 dB   -16.62 dB      2:07 04-Ooby Dooby
DR13      -2.35 dB   -18.46 dB      2:35 05-Lookin' Out My Back Door
DR12      -4.61 dB   -18.81 dB      3:04 06-Run Through the Jungle
DR12      -5.29 dB   -18.95 dB      2:42 07-Up Around the Bend
DR12      -4.13 dB   -18.57 dB      2:19 08-My Baby Left Me
DR13      -4.80 dB   -19.84 dB      2:29 09-Who'll Stop the Rain
DR14      -1.40 dB   -18.16 dB     11:05 10-I Heard It Through the Grapevine
DR14      -3.96 dB   -20.69 dB      3:30 11-Long as I Can See the Light

Number of tracks:  11
Official DR value: DR13


I’ve had a real rough go finding this one in great shape and good sound.  
Many OG copies purchased, all of them discarded.  
I love this album.
Apologies for negating your wish for an OG, but Steve Hoffman goes straight from the original master tapes and meticulously remasters all-analog pressings with tube gear and presents you with an immaculate, all-analog slab o’ vinyl.  
His AAA remastering work is very well regarded, FWIW.  
No risk with rice krispies even if seller advertises as VG++ or NM, no risk of poorly graded vinyl, no risk of buying the “right” pressing but still receiving a bum copy.  

My pressing of Green River he mastered…no desire to search for any others.  
Just a consideration.


I concur with @tylermunns on the LP’s Steve Hoffman has been involved with (whether solo or in cahoots with Kevin Gray). I have a bunch of his DCC LP’s (the DCC ironically standing for Dunhill Compact Classics), which are real nice.

They’re mostly from the 1990’s, and not quite as good as those Chad Kassem and his team at Analogue Productions are producing, which imo are the best currently being made (in many cases better than original copies from the 1950’s-1990’s. I don’t like to use the term "OG" 😉). I don’t know what Hoffman’s more recent LP’s sound like.


@ml8764ag: I know you said you’re looking only for The CCR album Cosmo’s Factory, but in case you don’t know about it, John Fogerty’s first solo album is really cool, but somewhat unknown. It was released in 1973 on Fantasy Records, and was not identified as a John Fogerty record but as one by the fictionally-named The Blue Ridge Rangers.

It contains really, really good covers of non-Rock ’n’ Roll songs, the genres including Hillbilly (Jimmie Rodgers), Country & Western (Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, Hank Locklin, George Jones, Merle Haggard), and Gospel. John plays every instrument and sings every part, it is a true solo album. I have an original pressing (a week ago it was re-released worldwide on BMG. Being from a major, I would avoid that version), and the sound is unusually good. His first proper solo album on Asylum Records was released two years later.



Where do you find the info you posted?

I simply buy used in stores by visual condition, then price; or Discogs, sort by condition then scroll down the prices, from USA keeping shipping costs lower. Been successful so far. eBay, combo of description and 100% rating also works for me.

Considering Content: Excellent engineering: quality, space and placement, how mic'd resulting sound and imaging choices make a big difference for me, regardless of which pressing. When great, I typically remark: these guys knew what they were doing!

Do better pressings reveal the results of excellent engineering as well? Any source of comments about engineering choices/quality?