Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.



The Audiogon system doesn't exactly make it easy to know anyone is actually responding to someone. I find it tricky.


I have 'snuck' my email address via Private Messages and gained some new friends who come here, we listen, my stuff, their stuff, try their equipment here, compare cartridges ...

1. in Conn

1 in Montclair, NJ

1 in Budd Lake Area

1 in Burlington, NJ

and we all know Steve and Ray at VAS, sometimes we meet and go together.

It's pitiful that I am not trusted, and have to sneak personal info, another disappointing thing about the site I forgot to mention.

Sony site: just send anything, all your info by Private Messages, I have some new friends from there, one lives in Vestal, NY, near McIntosh Headquarters and Audio Classics. I drop stuff off when I visit him. Another in Syracuse. We 3 get together and take photos all over the finger lakes region. Another from California, I met at B&H, had a great time.

No sneaking needed.

As I write, I realize the contrast of the two forums increases my disappointment

Maybe I'll come back, time will tell.