Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.



elliot i was just havin’ a little fun

positive reinforcement, like a good laugh, feeds the soul, it is good for all of us!


Good ridda—————wait, this has a HAPPY ENDING??? 

We want car wrecks and gladiatorial blood sports! Not warm fuzzy happy endings!

stick around Dude…learned stuff from you… Still appreciate that Kate Wolf…. cypher communication and all…. Didn’t know you liked black powder….. gee…..

a TT is just a bit like a swamp barrel flintlock……. 



contributions should be acknowledged!

alright, who the heck didn't I thank for simply posting some support? All posts, even quickies, were encouraging, thanks for that, I feel a lot more like I am not wasting my time, that had to be overcome and you all have done that.