Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.



Come on, the results of this horse race were announced long ago in this post.

Now if you really want an enjoyable bet, try this one: will I ever comment in a thread about cables or power conditioners again at SHF? The going is wet, the jockey is experienced, the rest of the field are all fillies and there is no prize at stake.

Cables (and their length), power conditioners, FUSES, SCHUMANN RESONATORS, capacitor swaps, crossover swaps/rebuilds, HFT OILS (or whatever that liquid magic you rub on your connectors), cable elevators or keeping them off the ground in some fashion, TONEARM TAPE, record mats/isolators, record clamps or weights, isolation/springs/absorption platforms.....take away all the tweak conversations and you're not left with much.

BTW, you can tell the ones I am doubtful of the potential sonic improvements they can provide (doesn't mean there aren't any or nobody believes they provide them) by them being capitalized.

Hey @elliottbnewcombjr - were you just trolling all along? Glad to have anyone who adds to the conversation, even the ones who disagree, as long as they are not the teacher in the Monty Python "The Argument" sketch.

@dogberry   LOL, nice example. SHF is one place I will no longer be wasting my time at.



I would never troll.

This encouragement ALL came after I said goodbye. Not only did I believe I was wasting my time, I imagined many who just wished I'd go away. Had no idea many 'quietly' thought my posts worthwhile.

The DPReview photo site is closing, depressing, perhaps it was the other side of the coin, me being in control rather than 'them'. 

 +1 @pennpencil 


so very sorry to see you go , you will be missed as you set a fine example of how to be a respectful human being . Somehow this is becoming a lost art .