Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.



I stated on numerous occasions certain Posts made by myself are strictly for the 'OP' and the 'lookers in' from the now an the 'future'. 

I don't foresee much of what I am writing, being of a inspiration value  to the limited number who usually post, but occasionally I have a private mail session with healthy exchanges where I have prompted a response. It is nice to think that somebody has discovered info that has been of use.



Sorry to see you leave the forum. One would hope that those responsible for discouraging you read your very civil statement of reasons. This should all be about sharing personal experiences to help each other; too often now it is about some arcane need to know better and tell people off. 

I have every sympathy for your thinking and wish you all the best whatever the future may hold. Farewell

As someone relatively new to Audiogon, I have gotten an incredible amount of value from reading posts here. Yes, there are some that definitely fall into the gutter, but that is countered by so many that are informative, helpful, and are clearly full of passion to help others. I have posted a bit in my short time and it can be intimidating, given that some folks do seem to prefer to tell others how wrong they are rather than have constructive conversations. I've told myself that if I can be helpful to someone at some point, none of the rest of it matters, plus it is fun to chat about a audio gear!

@elliottbnewcombjr Thank you for your contributions. Whenever I have come across your posts, I admire your input and involvement in this forum.


I was just in need of a booster shot, I'm sticking around.



thanks, one thing is that you can speed read my posts, they are like a broken record, same answers, I should create a word document that I can cut and paste from.

I'm having a ball importing photos now that I figured it out, soooo easy.


I started this when I was depressed that the DPReview camera site was going to shut down. Someone did something, it never closed.

It did change from that goodbye/oh never mind period: less fun, more matter of fact, a few left and never returned .... some new ’I know it all’ types, some new terrific photographers, and is still a darn good site to stay involved in.