Goodbye Everyone

Rather than just disappear, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave me help, taught me stuff, the many friendly members.




Good luck sir. I wish I had your constitution. Every time I get put down I gain weight:-(

Wish you nothing but the best moving forward. Like reading a book, this is just one chapter ending and another will begin. Unfortunately, you are correct, I certainly wasn’t meant with kindness when I joined this group not long ago. I responded on a thread and advised someone to check out a DAC I own and was basically attacked. I guess people on this forum should remain quiet for a year or more before contributing to any thread. The person treated me as if I was a bot from Russia. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, the level of respect and rudeness is seriously lacking. If you agree with some people, life is good, disagree and you may be subject to getting cancelled on this forum. Like you, I find a few gear specific forums much more helpful and a lot less critical. An expert in there field with endless years of experience encounter pushback all the time on this forum. Reading comments on this site can be interesting to say the least. I would encourage you to just take a break and come back after a few months have passed. Based on the comments on this thread, people value your opinion and candid feedback. Don’t allow the “vocal minority” or just plain rude people drive you away. Some, certainly not all, long term members on this site have a sense of entitlement and possess a high degree of negativity - they are right and you’re wrong mentality. In this case, their ears can hear no wrong.

May the new year bring you health and happiness!

Best of luck, Elliott! I too loathe hospitals, which is ironic. A necessary evil.

I believe this forum is all about opinions.  Everyone has one.  This is where you can bring a problem to many audiophile minds.  So you can expect many types of answers.  Rudeness is not wanted or needed.  Best wishes, Elliot.