Goodbye iTunes for Mac

With the release of Mac OS Catalina, iTunes is officially gone.  I’m all for the change, iTunes was getting too bloated.  It’s good to have the dedicated, simpler Music app.

Has anyone listened to the new Apple Music app?  Do you have any thoughts on the sound?  I’ve updated and I’m listening, curious what others are experiencing.  So far, all my music is in place the sound is as it was.

I’m primarily using Apple Lossless files from my CD collection, but I also use the Apple Music service.
I've been on Catalina for about a week now and no complaints.  I use a mac-mini server streaming Tidal but haven't upgraded it yet.  Never been an iTunes fan and only use when I need to.
Only complaint with Catalina was it had to re sync all my audio files on my iphone which took an hour or so
The Apple Music app for Mac has been serving me well.  I’ve been streaming Apple Lossless files to a USB DAC and through AirPlay 2 on a tweaked Sonos Port into a nice DAC.  My foot is tapping with a smile on my face.