Goodtube integrated

Looking to try a tube integrated in my system in $2k or so range. Sony5400es, Ohm Walsh 100s3, CA 740cdp,anti cables. Thinking Rogue, Cayin, primaluna? BTW live in HI so all will be unheard before buying. Listen to jazz,rock,acoustic guitars lots of female vocalists like Krall, Rondsdtadt, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell etc.
I've owned a Rogue Cronus Magnum since early April and enjoy it very much. It's in your price range and should provide ample power for your Ohm Walsh speakers.
I am using a ptimaluna dialogue 2 with kt88s and it a great, well made, self biasing integrated that is very musical, It replaces a set of spectral dma50s. I got mine used from a dealer for $1750, and am very, very pleased with it. Upscale Audio offers lots of matched tubes for tube rolling. Oh, it also comes with a very nice remote.