Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian folk legend, dead at 84

A sad day.


The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald is such an incredible tune and is on my own personal desert island list. Truly an all time favorite.

Thank you for your artistry, Gordon Lightfoot ... may you rest in peace

Cueing it up now, in your memory ...        : )

Gordon Lightfoot is one of my all-time favorite singer songwriters. I have most of his albums, and play them regularly. My wife and I were able to see him about a dozen years ago in San Francisco. He, and his band sounded just like his records. He will be missed!

I bought my first stereo system in late 1982 while a sophomore in college — Yamaha NS-1000 speakers I believe, a Yamaha receiver, and Yamaha turntable. I was a sophomore premed student in a basement male only “dungeon “ single dorm room and virtually all others on the floor were junior premed students heavily immersed in the books. I felt isolated, pretty lonely. I had plenty of friends who then came to listen to vinyl and play cribbage or chess. Fond memories of staying up until the crack of dawn playing cribbage and listening to Gord’s Gold repeatedly. No other album comes close in terms of playtime over the years. Early Morning Rain, Minstrel of the Dawn, Canadian Railroad Trilogy were favorite tracks. That rich warm baritone voice was pure medicine, just what I needed. RIP Gordon.

There are some songs — sounds from songs, really — from when I was young that went in deep.  The harmonica at the beginning of “School” by Supertramp was one.  Another was that haunting guitar line in “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”  Brilliant song — the simplicity and specificity of the lyrics remain a masterclass.