Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian folk legend, dead at 84

A sad day.


I've been a fan since high school. I have all of his albums including the obscure "Two Tones at the Village Corner". I hope they decide to release this on CD and maybe include other tracks as a CD allows. Really great stuff. Joe

Always loved his music, saw him twice in the 70's at the Spokane Opera House, a good venue. Second time it was the second show of the evening and he looked very tired and things were just not flowing well. Somebody started singing happy birthday to him and we all joined in, many lighting matches, lighters, etc....and he was so moved he said something very nice about it and then really got into his music, as well as his band, and it was a superb concert from then on. I will always remember that as a very special moment in time.


Listening to "The Beatles Channel" on SiriusXM this morning, I heard Gordon Lightfoot introduce his four favorite Beatle songs. Obviously, he passed away recently, and it made me sad to remember all the great songs he wrote and performed over his career. He is missed!