Got $ should I spend it?

Hello everyone,

Last year I had to sell my gear, which consisted of GMA Europas, melody tube amp and squeezebox, in order to finish up my graduate studies. Well I am done thankfully and want to get back and want to build a system to listen to music again. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has given me some guidelines: it must be relatively compact and at a thousand or less. All understandable considering we are trying to save for a house.

What are my options. I really enjoyed my Europas and ideally like to get
something along those lines but maybe in an active speaker design to try to get the best bang for my buck. Although if anyone can recommend a setup for $1000 for speaker and amp please go ahead.

Any ideas?
Tough price point for sure,maybe some active speakers and a cd player with output to go right to the speakers would be my choice.Paradigm and Quad make active speakers and there are some for sale now,the rest for a player with output;that would take some looking.
For the speakers I would try for something local because shipping good speakers is going to take up a fair amount of that $1000. Be patient and check your local Craigslist every day. Good speakers priced at $500-600 do come up from time to time.

As far as amps go, I would find a slightly older (90's vintage) integrated from the usual suspects - Sony ES, Denon, NAD, maybe Pioneer Elite and Yamaha too, although I am not as familiar with their offerings. Look here and on ebay. Try to get speakers first so you can find an amp that suits them.

If you are patient you should be able to put something together that would be decent.

You could do worse than a Quad 99 CDP-2 and Active 12Ls. Closer to 1200 than 1000, but how tight is the leash?!?
i say buy a pair of $1000 interconnects--

this will piss her off to the point she will leave you-

once she is gone, re-sell them on A-gon and spend away.