Got $ should I spend it?

Hello everyone,

Last year I had to sell my gear, which consisted of GMA Europas, melody tube amp and squeezebox, in order to finish up my graduate studies. Well I am done thankfully and want to get back and want to build a system to listen to music again. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has given me some guidelines: it must be relatively compact and at a thousand or less. All understandable considering we are trying to save for a house.

What are my options. I really enjoyed my Europas and ideally like to get
something along those lines but maybe in an active speaker design to try to get the best bang for my buck. Although if anyone can recommend a setup for $1000 for speaker and amp please go ahead.

Any ideas?
i say buy a pair of $1000 interconnects--

this will piss her off to the point she will leave you-

once she is gone, re-sell them on A-gon and spend away.
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$250 on new Sony basic CD
$250 Grado headphones
$500 on use integrated amp
Im in the get a new girlfriend camp. It took a divorce for me to be able to enter the high end market. At times miss the ex but the music is 100% enjoyment. I got the stereo, the house, and the new car, in that order. Got the house for the reason it wouldnt bother anyone as would a common wall setting would. Just my 2 cents.