Got a line on NOS tubes

A guy I chat with in an unrelated industry has LOTS of tubes. His father owner a tv/radio/electronic repair shop in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. He inherited all the stuff from his father when he passed away. Apparently he’s got approximately 3-4000 tubes. I am currently in the market for a tube amp. Now, if I get something like the PrimaLuna, I can use many different tubes.
What should I be asking for? What are some of the ‘golden, rare’ tubes?
As for the tube tester, it may (will probably) need recalibration if it hasn't been used in a long while.
Go to the PrimaLuna website, look at the NOS tubes they sell for their amps and the prices. make a list.

Go to the other major tube dealers in the US and go to their website: Tube Depot, Upscale Audio, Tube World, Brent Jesse Recordings, etc. Do the same thing an make list.

Then cross reference with your first list from PrimaLuna site. Prioritize list, and be able to list the tubes by price, which will help you pick out the best tubes and most profitable tubes...
Yeah, he probably has a nice tube tester or 3 laying around.

But good tube testers are easy to calibrate. Just follow the instructions to make sure the electrical tolerances are accurate.

Tube testers ALSO go for big money these days. There are one or two models, like the HICKOK 539C TUBE TESTERs that go for $1200-$2500 depending on condition. Although these Hickoks are great testers, the high price is due to the hype on audio forums, so this particular model will max your flipping profits. Or I’d be glad to take on off your hands :)

And congrats, BTW, the situation you have come across .... the rest of us can only dream of such a gift!