Goto Unit

I'm in the process of piecing together a set of four-way speakers with Goto horns for highs, high-mids and low-mids. Thing is though, I've never actually heard Goto drivers before so I'm kind of just going on blind faith that they will be worth the cost and effort once all is said and done.

That being said, does anyone have any experience with Goto Unit drivers? How they sound, things to be aware of, tips and tricks etc.

Also I haven't settled on a sub woofer driver for the set up. If anyone has a recommendation for a woofer that can handle the 400-20hz range on less than 300 watts and will sound good with the Gotos I'd appreciate the advice.

From little bits that I have read here and there in the past, you should be in heaven.
Thanks Roxy. I've seen a little bit about them here and there as well but it seems like most people haven't even heard OF them let alone actually heard them. It's fun to mess around with rare esoteric stuff but I guess the lack of people to talk to is the price you pay.
Goto makes high quality drivers but knowledge is how one assembles a quality loudspeaker. A good num of driver and bass system options exist. I fear that you may lack the nessecary experance to assemble such a system. Maybe consider obtaining professional design assitance your spending a good deal of $ already. Your already going to run into time alignment issues by selecting Goto so your kind of selecting certain performance aspects without knowing if these are a factor for you and your system. And I think your in for a costly mistake.