Gotta love Nelson Pass

SA/4e is nice!!!!

I was introduced to his expertise way back in his Threshold days with owning several of his amps...and have since settled into enjoying his Pass X2.5 Pre and 250.5 amps ... Pure enjoyment ! 

Slainte' Shad 
I've got a current model Adcom 555Se that is based on his design for Adcom in the 80's, which made the Adcom name legendary.  Audiophile sound for the masses, he later said he didn't charge Adcom enough for what he gave them.  It may be true, but I for one am thankful!
I have only owned the Pass XA30.8 and XP10 so my experience with all of the products are limited, but after spending quite a bit of his time discussing my desires/concerns with him, i recognized that he is not only a brilliant technical wizard, but he truly has a passion for the people listening to the music. A rare combination in a person. 
You got that right,complete opposite of some manufacturers now days,so sad.

He is an impressive guy. I love the fact that he routinely shows up at forums and discusses projects and donates designs to DIY'ers.

I am always amused at the wanna be engineers that try to redesign his products with after market products like PC, fuses, and other nonsense. If Pass Labs thought that these “mods” improved the sound of their audio they could incorporate them at a fraction of the “retail” price. But they don’t. I suppose he has to leave something to the bottom feeders.