GR Research Upgrades

Has anyone here had their speakers upgraded at GR and if so, did you hear any significant sonic improvement afterwards?

I was considering sending in a KEF R 11 for them to take a look at and see what recommendations they may offer.

Just the thought of the shipping a speaker to them sends shivers down my spine as I have had one speaker severely damaged during a cross country trek in the past.   

After their analysis, the speaker is then shipped back with all the new part and you do all the modifications yourself, (to both speakers).

Is it worth the risk?
knotscott - agreed.

mwatsme - nice sub, thanks

oldhvymec - Always value and respect your advice and opinions.
Thank you!
I've seen his crossover mods for Klipsch, look like he's on right track here, although I use better capacitors than he uses in my extreme modded Klipshcorns. I do think he'll work with customer and use parts they specify.
I’ve had two pair of speakers modified by Danny. Neither were terribly expensive speakers to begin with but they sounded really good, measured pretty well, and were well made (to a price point) and that tends to be the reason many send their speakers to Danny. Not to take crap and make it good, but to take really good and make it better. Many speaker manufacturers just flat out skimp on the parts quality buried inside the speaker. Danny offers a relatively inexpensive way to really increase the parts quality and in some cases completely redesign the crossovers for better performance. In my case after Danny’s mods the resolution increased and maybe a tad smoother as well. Bass performance wasn’t really affected because my cabinets were quite inert to begin with but he offers norez to help with singing cabinets. Danny sneezes out more speaker knowledge than I will ever pretend to know. Great guy too.
Awesome arch2, this just the kind of feedback I was looking for. Much appreciated!