Grace F-9

Wondering how to tell if a F-9 cartridge is a high or low output cartridge? thanks
Hi and thanks for the responses. US cityrecords ad for a f9e which states that the output is 5.5 is what prompted the question. I own a f9 ruby and love it and am thinking of adding another to my collection so I want to make sure of the facts.
So, I just checked vinyl engine and there are a couple of the f9's that are 5.5. So my question still stands , how do you tell the difference? Is there a marking?
It really does not matter. 3.5 or 5.5 mV it's more or less the same. Both are typical MM, high output cartridges. To my knowledge, Grace did never make any low output cartridges.

Excellent cartridges though. I owned a Grace level II since 20 years.
Most (but I don't think all) of the F9 cartridges used the same body (I think the F9L may have been an exception), and most were spec'd at 3.5mv. I suspect that the ad you referred to is incorrect, as original literature on the F9 series indicates 3.5mv for the F9E.

I agree with Tannat, though, that it doesn't matter. 3.5 mv vs. 5.5 mv is less than a 4db difference.

The reason I would be concerned about the specific model number within the series, though, is because that determines the stylus configuration. For example, while the F9E has an elliptical stylus, the F9P and F9D were conical(!), according to the original literature.

-- Al
Hi Rich, The Ruby by all accounts is by far the best of the bunch, so maybe you should look for a spare stylus assembly rather than an F9E. I could be wrong.