Grado Statement 1

Will the new Grado Statement 1 work properly with a Hovland HP-100 phono? The MC phono on the Hovland presents a 450ohm load. I've been told that the Grado really wants a 47Kohm load?
Jazzgene, are you able to load your Statement at 450? What differences vs 47k do you hear?
I tried it at 100, 200, 1k, and 47k. For me, 47k sounded the best. Air and detail was better and the lower loading seemed to put a veil to the sound. 1k was okay but I still preferred 47k.
Stickman451 - The Grado Statement is a fantastic cartridge designed to sound best at 47K. Anything else will detract from its magic. There's no way around it unless you are willing to accept less.
It sure is. I had tried Benz, Nagaoka, and Koetsu before. I really enjoy the Statement1. I just went over to Grado in Brooklyn one afternoon and picked it up.