Graham Elite

Is there anyone who still looks to receive his Elite tonearm? Any idea why it takes so long to build that one into current production? If I am not wrong, Graham announced Elite at the beginning of 2013, it almost makes one and a half year. I used to order months ago. Tons of excuses (I do not talk to him directly, but my dealer) so far, then got feedback that tonearm is ready last week. This time, no feedback again hence cargo carrier now could not reach to Graham. Weird. Make no mistake, I really like Graham tonearms, I have one Phantom B-44 and quite pleased with it. Perhaps some others who still look to receive have different information. I would like to hear opinions/feedbacks please. Thanks.
That sounds overly harsh. Is the VPI 3D that different from the Cobra tonearm or composite speakers like Rockport or Wilson? There are plenty of reasons for using plastics to better control resonances. I have not heard it myself, nor have I heard the new Graham Elite.