Graham Phantom Supreme?

Has anyone done a comparison between the Supreme and the mkII? Is it worth changing and expending the extra outlay?

The main revisions appear to be the bearing housing and an improved magneglide stabiliser (I think the internal wiring was up to a good standard already on the mkII)

There is a company called AudioMax Ltd (approved contractor?) which can perform upgrades from both Phantom I and Phantom II to the Supreme build.
Any experience of this conversion out there ?
Many thanks... :)
Thanks for the encouragement.

It's been a bunch of years now since I bought my original Phantom, so this has become pretty much a moot point for me, at least from a usefulness point of view.

I have three Graham arms, the 1.5, 2.2, and the original Phantom. Probably that's enough.
The wait is insanely long for the upgrade, at least in my experience. I was on the Musical Surroundings wait-list for something like 18 months. The only reason my arm was finally upgraded was because I had an issue with the DIN connector and had to send it to Graham, anyway. Otherwise, I'd still be waiting. Seems Bob has many other priorities.
It is quicker to buy a new one instead of sending in an old one to upgrade. I sold my old one and bought a new one a year ago.
Hi Andrew,

Yes, I received the upgraded Supreme and mounted it on my Brinkmann Oasis with a Benz Ebony L. I think it's clearly a step up from the Phantom II. Transients are cleaner, dynamics more explosive, and bass seems deeper and more coherent. In fact,the whole sonic fabric seems more coherent. So far, I hear no weaknesses in this arm. It's remarkably balanced and resolving with more organic wholeness than before.

Earlier Grahams (I've owned the 2.2 and Phantom II) could be criticized (justly or not) for an analytical tendency to "murder to dissect," especially in comparison to richer, more holistic arms like the Triplanar VII (which I also own and really like). Not the Supreme. I think this Graham combines musicality and highest-level resolution in exemplary fashion. Of course, this is just one man's opinion.