Graham Phantom vs Triplaner

Wondering about the sonic traits of both these arms compared to each other.

- which one has deeper bass,
- which one has the warmer (relative) balance
- which one is compatible with more cartridges
- which one has the better more organic midrange
- which one has the greater treble detail.
- which one plays music better ( yes this is a more subjective question ).
- which one goes better with say the TW acoustic raven TT.
BTW,and this WILL be my last post here,as I'm probably getting anoying already!Yet,some "TRI" fans might appreciate this.......Personally I have always loved the look,and design of the Triplanar.That is one reason why I bought one(long ago)when my friends went the route of other arms.
I remember in 1973,I had a business luncheon with a client,across the street from where HE-2007 was held,and the guy pulls out a spec sheet(he obviously was into Hi-Fi)of this INCREDIBLE looking tonearm.IT was the early version of the Triplanar!WOW,I thought it was very unique!
That was in my Dual 1229 era,so I could see no reason why anyone could want a seperate arm!
Fast forward about 25 years(approximatey)to my owning(for three years)a Triplanar.My situation was mucked up,by a non caring dealer,who did not check with the mfgr about the arm's compatibility with my table(an early SOTA Cosmos).EVEN though I specifically asked this exact question of him!!
The arm did not fit into the arm-well properly,and the dealer told me to basically live with it!!I kid you not!!I don't go there anymore,and the guy approached me at HE-2007 like he was my best friend!WHEW!!
I had called the "incredibly nice"(you have NO idea,actually)Herb Papier,to plead my case.The guy almost cried,he was SO,SO concerned!!I am NOT exagerating!
The arm has a history of "goodness" surrounding it!If that makes any sense.
Here's one reason why.....firstly Herb made me up a "really cool" looking device to allow for my arm to work with my cartridge,somewhat.I was not too far along in my fanaticism to mind much,and it did allow for me to hear "music".
Herb was the kind of guy to actually "call" some owners of the arm(I guess he felt a bit sorry for my situation)from time to time,to "see how things were doing"!I mean he definitely came from the Sid Marks school of INCREDIBLY DECENT GENTLEMEN!!!Of another era!!
About six months before his passing away,he called me,in my place of business,with an unusually enthusiastic tone to his voice.He had made some modifications to the arm,which he liked alot,including the new wiring.
Herb stated to me,and I quote,because I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH HIS OLD WORLD WAY OF DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS,that I remember,word for word..."Mark,you cannot believe how much better I have made the arm.Please send me yours,and I will do the upgrades for my cost.I'm hearing things I never heard before on my records"!!!!!!..I SWEAR,this is absolutely word for word true,and this is the kind of "heritage" this product has!!!Who the heck does that stuff today!!!...At the time,I was getting more experience in arm/cartridge voicing so wanted a more precise product match-up,and did not take up the offer..."What a great guy Herb was"!!!
Just thought I'd put it out there.

BTW,I still think the Phantom may be a bit quieter(just a hunch) -:) Sue me!-:)
Audiofeil,you take my comments too literally,but you are "good" at trying to find something "bad" in many cases.
I'll stick with attempting to get the personality of the cartridge,by limiting the potential pitfalls of some arm choices.Doesn't seem too myopic to me.
Hi Tim

Yea I had the same opinion you had, however after TAS review where Garcia reviewed them both on the same table and same transfiguration cartridge and some of the views here it would almost seem that opinion's are reversed. Phantom being smooth and less dynamic and tri-planer being more dynamic and a more detail (or a little eadgy).
I assume you still have your atmosphere amps, hence being aligned a little closer to tri-planer.

I heard the atmosphere amps with tri-planer arm I think with a grand prix TT with some nice big horn speakers at the Show. Sounded excellent and credit given to this room as one of only 3 that played rock n roll rather than the jazz volcalist crap that all were playing.
I also met Tri-Mai and he is a lovely gentlemen who refused to get into what tonearm sounds better conversation, just that he was very happy the tri-planer was competitive with the best out there.

Still no closer at what is best for my warmish, dynamic tastes :-)

Humor me here. What is the difference between VPI or Graham type arm and using different headshell weights compared to using same arm with different headshells??

Also where can you get the Ortofon tonearms from?. They are not on the Ortofon website.
Downunder, speak to Juki for the Ortofon arm, he sells them. I almost got mine there but ended up going with Jeffrey from Highwater Sound in NYC, (because I was buying my Raven from him). I did get the LH-8000 headshell for it from Juki though, (if you get one don't forget to get a headshell because they don't come with one).