Grahma Phantom vs Tri-Planer?

Any further info on the Graham Phantom are compared to the Tri-Planer? I reviewed the threads and not too much on the Phantom vs the Tri-Planer (there is plenty on the Graham 2.2).

Rick RWD
I'd love to get Bob Graham's reaction on your calling his new arm "Grahma". Must have a really slow transient response! :)

Sorry, Rich! I just couldn't resist. I'd love to get my hands on a Phantom and try this comparison myself.
Ha...If someone was to pick that up....I'd figured it be you or someone like Mark or Larry. Anyway, I just have not read much around here about the Phantom. I would love to get more info on this one. It seems like this arm and a few others (including the Tri-Planer) are fairly accessible. Too bad the Schroder's are such a long wait.It seems like with a good year end I may be looking at finalizing the table/arm/cartridge in the near future.
I'm curious to see what we learn from this thread!

Rick RWD
Both are good Arms. Depends on Phonostage, Turntable, Cartridge to get the most out of them. I own both.
Rick,how are ya?BTW...Eddie(from the Sid listening session)is updating his 2.2 to the Phantom in about a week.I installed his Transfig. Orpheus awhile ago.He has a fine set-up,and I am sure he would be happy to give you an audition,any time convenient to you.You can call Sid or me,if you want to get in touch with Ed.
I've not heard the Triplanar, but I've had the Phantom since September on my 20/2 with XV-1S and I love it. Very easy to set up and to adjust. Very musical, tracks beautifully. Very quiet; hear only the music. mids full and rich, highs airy, base deep and tight. It's not sweet or lush, quite neutral without being analytical.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mark! I'd love to take a listen to the arm (Phantom)! Too bad we couln't get a tri-planer and Schroder ref there at the same time to compare all three?
Hah! I guess that's one of my Christmas wishes!!!
RWD (Rick)
I just got off the phone with Jeff at High-Water Sound. Really nice person and thanks Evan for your suggestion for me to call him. e spoke about the AC Raven and I plan to see the table this week, but he threw me a curve ball and said the Dynavector 507 is a really great arm and he recommends it highly. I've heard this before for some others. So.......tell me goner's ...anyone have this arm or anyone know anything about it? Why do you lie it? Does it beat/compete with the other great arms........Schroder, Tri-Planer, Graham Phantom?? Can you do VTA on the fly? Any comments will be helpful!
At the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest I heard the TW-Acustic Raven AC turntable with two tonearms: a Schroeder Reference with a ZYX UNIverse (copper) and a Dynavector 507MkII with a Dynavector XV-1s. I thought both tonearm/cartridge combinations were excellent. Which you would prefer would come down to individual preference. Of course, you have to remember that the 507 Mk II and the XV-1s are very synergistic.

I would also expect that the 507 and XV-1s would mate well. I don't know myself, but Raul has told me that he was not so happy with that combination. FWIW.
Dear Rick: +++++ " there at the same time to compare all three? " +++++

This could be fun but if you use the same cartridge in those three tonearms at the end what you get is not which tonearm is the best ( the three are very good ones ) but with which one that cartridge mates better.

About the 507, yes it is a very good tonearm and competes with any other tonearm including the ones named here.

It performs very well with the XV-1 but I have a better option ( like Dan posted ) for the XV-1: Lustre GST-801.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul! I so much appreciate your comments and suggestion but now you are confusing me even more so :))(smile). Not a problem, I welcome your comments.

However, I think I am pretty sure that my new cartridge will either be a 1) Dynavector XV-1, 2) Dynavector XX-2, 3) ZYX Univ 4) ZYM Ariy 3.
With that said....I would like to stay with a choice of the following arms: 1) Schroder Ref, 2) Tri-Planer, 3) Graham Phamton, 4) Dynavector 705.

I viewed the Dynavector yesterday and although it looked cool (?) I just felt a bit uncomfortable with 1) headshell comes off and therefore does not have a complete and secure connection, 2) the VTA has not settings, 3) the VTF is a bit weird (I guess because of the configuration of the arm).
So Raul (and everyone else) , with the choice of cartridges above which are would you suggest???
ZYX UNIverse (get the LO if at all possible, as with the Rhea)
- TriPlanar is well and widely known as a superb match, none better
- Schroeder Ref is also a great match, slightly lower noise floor/blacker backgrounds but a little less jump and pace; choosing between these two matchups is a matter of taste

ZYX Airy 3 (get the LO if at all possible, as with the Rhea)
- Schroeder Ref is a superb match, what I'd choose for this cartridge
- TriPlanar is a very good match, but perhaps a trace brighter

Haven't head the Phantom and I'll defer to others on matching the Dyna's.

I have a different opinion than Doug. In my experience the Basis Vector 3 is a better match with the UNIverse than the Tri-Planar. The Tri-Planar is easier to adjust but the Vector 3 tracks the UNIverse better.

Don't forget everybody, IMO.

Disclaimer: I sell both arms.
Rick,I hope you don't take this long to make a buying decision(over a year now?),when shopping for groceries!Your poor family!!When my wife asks me to wait in the car,during a food stop,I always know I could take a nice long nap.-:)
Hi Mark! Hah!! I'm like a little kid in a canyd/toy store. There are so many great items to choose from....Galibria, Teres, Lenco, Gerrard, Brinkman, Schroder (if ever I could wait) Tri-Planer, Graham and the list goes on.
I do rely on you all for help and advice and I know that ultimately it is my decision!
I do, however, have a plan.....I just hop the Home/Entertainment show in May has some of there items I mentioned there so I can hear them in person all the same day. Then, perhaps I will make a quick decision then! Who knows??
Btw. the UNIverse is a fascinating combination with the Phantom. The speed in all Frequency areas should be heard. Very, very good.
Riick,in all honesty,though you have a good plan,all this "mega-techno" business of which arm/cart/table is better than the others is really just a popularity contest.To a good extent.All the products we all talk about are SUPERB,and it is hard to make a wrong decision.
It might be a good idea to take "locale" into account,in case you need service.
Best of luck.

It is been awhile someone was posting here.
I am deciding for which tonearm to take a plunge for my new turntable (no arm yet), Graham vs. Tri-Planer.
Tri-Planar looks an attractive option but the problem is that an arm board fitted and drilled for Graham.
Would it fit without any adapters/modifications to Tri-Planar? I was not be able to find info about mounting drawings dimensions.
I know that amount of mounting screws is different 4 vs.3.
I would appreciate if someone could explain if Graham and Tri-Planar have the same mounting high.