Grammys for 2010, so far...

My top three,
Tom Petty "Mojo"
Rosanne Cash "The List"
Peter Wolf "Midnight Souvenirs"

Petty was expected, always excellent!

Cash was unexpected, can't wait for "The List II"

Peter Wolf, was unexpected and wins my vote for "LP of the Year! Awesome in every way!!!
All three are excellent choices, though I don't think "Mojo" is as deserving as "The List" or "Midnight Souvenirs." It's not one of my favorite Petty albums.
So far....

"Scratch My Back" by Peter Gabriel
"Plastic Beach" by Gorillaz
"Heligoland" by Massive Attack
"Brothers" by The Black Keys
"Go" by Jonsi
"This Is Happening" by LCD Soundsystem

Are any of these Grammy material, probably not, which is why I think the Grammys are worthless. :(
I second the Black Keys. That is such an excellent CD. Will it get noticed at the Grammys? I think not.