Grand Prix versus Stillpoints

Anyone compared Grand Prix Monaco to Stillpoints Component stand? In my case it would be for amps.
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I understood, Grant. I must admit that I have a bias against acrylic but nevertheless think the StillPoints rack is outstanding. I found the OEM feet between my linestage and the acrylic shelf added greatly to the sound.
03-06-10: Tabl10s

Physical isolation.

Sorry to be so slow responding, I was at Axpona in Florida until late last night.

I have only the stock footers under the JL Audio subs. Probably would be a big upgrade with Stillpoints rather then the stock.

Forgive me if I missed it, but did you have the Apex footers on the GPA amp stands?

Yes, I had the GPA with 3/4" acrylic shelves and Apex footers. I understand the Carbon Fiber shelves are a nice upgrade over what I had, but I have not had an opportunity to try that.

When I got the GPA the amps were just sitting on the floor and the improvement was mind blowing. I did not think anything else could make it better and in all fairness, other systems might have produced completely different results.
Wanted to thank Roy and Samuel for their posts. I have been looking at various racks and ended up with the TOL StillPoints rack, partially due to their advice and because of previous blessing from using SPs and risers extensively in my syste I also have multiple sets of the Ultra SS footers coming in after hearing what they do under Wilson Sophia III speakers just recently, double wow. It is amazing how much warmth, detail, sweetness, hair-raising emotion,foot-tapping ect. is related to proper isolation. Thanks again Marc. System starts with 3 20A dedicated sockets. one each goes to 2 JL-113 subs. All cable is Shunyata with King Cobra cable feeding V-RayII. Anacondas and Pythons feed rest of system. Audio research LS-27pre and their DS-450 amp. Sources are Esoteric SA-50 SACD player & DAC combo along with their G-03X clock and Clear Audio Emotion turntable & MC cartridge. I have 2 Quantum qx-4s to test also with this system. Speaker cable is Transparent newest TOL and inter-connects are 2 notches from TOL.