Grand Veena vs JM Reynaud Orfeo or Concorde

Hi there,

I am using the Grand Veena for 2,5 years now and am really pleased with it. In fact it is one the most enjoyable speaker I have come across in the last 10 years. On the other hand I am curious about JM Reynaud line which I have heard nothing but a lot of good things. The problem is JM Reynaud is not available in our country and if I will take this route, I have to make a leap of faith and order an Orfeo or Concorde without listening. I wonder if there are some people out there that can give me some solid insight about comparing these two different brands.

Definetly not a step up or even sideways. Spend money on improving your source or amplification.
Recently heard an $80,000 pair of speakers that didn't surpass the Grand Veenas.
I have trouble with the idea of buying speakers after even a thorough showroom audition. Buying a speaker based solely on reviews or reputation just sounds nuts to me. I would at least look on forums like this for local owners and ask to hear them first. The last speakers I bought came with a 120 day in-home trial. Nothing beats an audition in your home, with your gear, and your music.
Thanks guys, but I wonder if you have ever heard and auditioned JMR before? Somebody who have heard both makes is welcomed to make a contribution! Please be specific about the cons and pros of each brand and model.