Granit amp stands are they killing my sound?

I'm using Granit platforms as amp stands is this a good idea?
You shouldn't need to locate the compressor in the basement (if you're going to use a compressor like the Jun-Air). My Vibraplane's compressor is so quiet, it sits out in the listening room, no more than a few feet from my listening position - even if it happens to kick on while listening, all you hear is the click of the relay tripping, it runs for about 20 seconds, and that's it. I believe they were designed to run dental tools - sharp pointy instruments and sudden loud noises don't go well together! Aesthetically, the compressor is a bit of a conversation piece too.

Are you using the Vibraplane under your Galibier or for something else?
Hi Dave,
Yup, under the Galibier. I ditched by sandbox in favor of a mass-loaded active Vibraplane. I'm using two sheets of 3/4" aluminum on top of the Vibraplane for mass loading to get within the optimum range of effectiveness, or around 250 lbs. The difference is not subtle.
Thanks Palasr. I'd like the compressor out of site. I know they can be quiet as I've heard a Jen-Air? at Sounds of Silence, the Vibraplane distributor. I just don't want one in my formal living room. I wish I had a dedicated audio room.

I also have my passive Vibraplane preloaded with one 1 1/8" plate of steel weighing 136 lbs which brings my total load to 250 lbs. I agree, the improvement is very noticeable.

Air is great for isolating a component like a turntable and I'm sure it can be effective with amps. But when it comes to draining vibrational energy away from a component, there may be better solutions. Perhaps the OP is more interested in draining energy with spikes into a massive platform then he is in isolating his amps from floor born vibrations.

Have you tried putting your Galibier up on spikes or cones on top of the aluminum sheets? That may address both objectives.

My turntable rests on four small ball bearings at the center of each adjustable footer. These drain the energy away from the turntable/motor while it is being isolated with the Vibraplane. I have the option of using four rubber inserts instead, but have not tried them yet. I've been told the ball bearings sound better.
Have you tried putting your Galibier up on spikes or
cones on top of the aluminum sheets?

Well, that is the difference between High End and Science. When I go into a Lab
and tell a technician he should use cones below his equipment, he will throw
me out in..well..let's say...30s.
In High End the result is the other way..Cones??? Great idea!!!! They have
different sound? Super! There are cheap ones and expensive ones out there?
GREAT! A piece of paper below them can make all the difference??? WOW, I have
to buy that paper.... Made in a cave in Mongolia for 1250,--$ / square foot?
... and so on