Granite Under Speakers Over A Wood Floor

I would Like to use something over my wood floor that would not scratch it like the spikes do. I remember seeing sonus farber speakers on granite blocks. Does anyone have any experience with this? How would this sound?
robert, i tink cornfedboy's objections stemmed not so much from the issue of whether or not y'all are fonies, but from the fact that, until yer *cover* was blown on on this thread, y'all were tryin' to come across as non-professional, disinterested end-users, who yust really like the product.

yust my opinion, doug s.

CornFB back to your original response I noticed several speakers in photos at CES using 12x12 polished marble tiles
under spiked speakers, sometimes turned diagonally for wide speakers. I recently bought some for $2 each at local builder square for use with Aurios MIBs under components,
but may now experiment with speakers as you state with Avalons set-up
This is a very serious thread. ALL I WANTED TO KNOW WAS -
HAS ANYONE HAD ANY EXPERIENCE WITH GRANITE UNDER THEIR SPEAKERS? Most everyone has been quick to point out the problems, but has anyone had any real experience with this?
Megasm you stated you have polished marble -how does it sound? Is there any improvement? Are the floors intact?
Cornfedboy lighten up! We all have an agenda.
I've been experimenting with 1 1/4" polished granite slabs under my Genesis V speakers on a rug over a suspended wood floor. I have tried using DH cones and Pulsar points with and without the granite. Right now I'm back to just the granite slabs (24"x24") and think this sounds the best, with tightened bass response and improved detail and image focus (maybe w/ the cones the speakers are raised to high???). Haven't noticed any 'ringing' that some have commented on. If anything, it's smoother. Hope this helps.
Fleone. I should have stated in my post, that the opinions I expressed were directly related to the experience I have had using each of the materials I listed. But I hoped that would go without saying. Yes, I have tried Granite under speakers and it rung in a way that was more annoying and intrusive than any of the other materials I referred to. Cornfedboy - don't lighten up! This site has been polluted by Starsound, and the clean-up needs to be swift as a warning to others. If Corfedboy and I are alone in this then I would be surprised. This site is (for me) about gaining and giving information through individuals sharing their opinions. Each opinion has to be taken with a grain of salt, but weight of opinion, and the opinions of those that have built up some credibility, amounts to very valuable information. The credibility of the opinions expressed on this site is undermined if we tolerate the pollution Starsound has attempted. I will not lighten up on this point, because without it, Audiogon is merely an advertising channel.