Grant Fidelity Amplifiers

The Grant Fidelity Rita 880-S and 340 are being discounted heavily. Unfortunately the owner is ill. Does anyone have experience with either of these.
They would be powering my Merlin VSM-MME
Someone recently reviewed the Rita over at AA and had nothing but high praise for it. It certainly seems like a steal at it's current pricing but I believe the caveat is that it comes with no warranty, but don't quote me on that
Mickeyf - I would hope that you are implying that the high praise review is "marketing spin" and not the fact Ian Grant being sick creating the heavily discounted prices....

Crwindy - I have only heard the Rita @ GF's location and it sounded wonderful. I have never owned one nor have any of my friends so I cannot speak to the reliability factor. Given it is a very large amp and weighs a ton and if required to be serviced would cost quite a bit for freight I would investigate deeper into owner's impressions and experiences before taking the plunge. It is built like a brick $_it house! If memory serves me right the RITA has had a number of positive reviews however you weigh their value.
Not quite sure what the "All marketing spin" quote is supposed to mean either. I've never heard the amp before and was merely steering the OP to a review of the amp over at AA of which I have absolutely no affiliation with whatsoever.
If you read the website Ian Grant is pursuing alternative treatments for his illness which isn't covered by insurance and hence the reason for the discounts

if you're going to quote a review, you should give a link, but a poster at AA is hardly an unbiased or particularly clever source.

OP do your research, start here....

It's not so pretty is it?

BTW, no warranty impies GOOB in my book, wanna bet? Buy it, then come back here in two years and tell me you still have it and you're happy.