Grant Green's version of 'Round About Midnight

For the last five years or so, Grant Green's version of 'Round About Midnight has been one of my favorite tracks. Ror general enjoyment or auditioning, on vinyl or cd (now on my server!) it still represents, for me, a truly intimate and well-recorded version of an oft-recorded classic. If you're a fan of jazz guitar, go get it now--seriously!

If you already know it and love it, I'd be curious to hear what other cuts (by any other jazz guitarists) you think also have this special combination of wonderful musicianship, producing/engineering, and intimacy. I guess there's something about the slightly melancholy sound of this track that has me entranced!
There are any number of Charlie Christian compilations. Pick one with his version of "Stardust" and "Swing to the Bop".

Oscar Moore was the guitarist in the Nat King Cole Trio. Although he is not that well known, his work is very impressive.

Danny Gatton played what he called "redneck jazz". He did make a true jazz recording, ""New York Stories Vol. 1". It's a hard bop jam session with Bobby Watson, Joshua Redman and Roy Hargrove.

One of the great jazz fusion album of the late '60s was Herbie Mann's ""Memphis Underground". It features both Larry Coryell and Sonny Sharrock along with the Muscle Shoal's studio house band. I particularly like their versions of "Hold On I'm Comin'" and "Chain of Fools".
I listened to "Round About Midnight" by Wes Montgomery and the Montgomery Brothers on vinyl and I can't decide which one I like best.
Kenny Burell recorded an album called 'Round Midnight',you
will probably like his version too.
I like Wes Montgomery's version even better. "The Wes Montgomery Trio", recorded in 1959 is the one. Since that one might be hard to find, I'll consider the one by Grant to be a tossup.