Grant Green suggestions

Some time back, Green was strongly recommended in a thread here and I bought "Aint't It Funky Now". I just got around to cuing it up and I am loving it.

Which Grant Green release should I look for next?

Thanks in advance.

I've got a ton of Grant Green and it's all good. Since a bad suggestion by Grant is next to impossible, I will go for an unusual album. "The Final Comedown" is a movie score written by Mr. Green, it's his most esoteric work.
You may look for his live albums as well,I am aware of 3 of them,and also he recorded lots of albums as a guest guitarist in that period which are worth of listening,usually with some organ player,like big john patton,or baby face willete,or with pianist like sonny clark.He died in 1979,and maybe only some recordings in 70's are not so interesting because he was trying to make some money and therefore his recordings were made for commercial reasons more than artistic,but mayority of his work in almost 15 yeras are highly recommened.Try Kenny Burell,or Wes Mongomery as well
Something is very wrong, and I don't know if it's me or Blue Note. I have known about Grant Green all my life, yet I only became aware of those gems he made in the 60's after his death; while everyone was made aware of the commercial recordings he made in order to survive. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this. I also know "Baby Face Willette" made recordings for Blue Note that have disappeared; it's for sure I can't find them.
I recently bought a 2CD Blue Note set that is very good; "Grant Green, The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark".
BTW: Blue Note has 15 Grant Green CDs listed.