Grateful Dead Mars Hotel

Has anyone heard the Mobile Fidelity recording MFSL 1-172 on vinyl? I'm interested in your thoughts on this recording.
MArs Hotel and Terrapin Station (especially the second side suite) are two of my favorite Dead albums.

My standard issue vinyl copy of TS I picked up second hand is sub-par though, a bit "dead" sounding and requires a lot of volume to wake it up. I may have a sub-standard pressing or something. I need to replace it.
Awesome record-I have the MFSL LP version, the regular version and MFSL silver d/c version. In all honesty, I like the c/d version better (typically I prefer the sound of LP). However, the silver c/d version is very rare-if you can find it it will probably cost you $60 or so. Good luck.
I have the Silver CD version. It is one of those albums I just keep returning to.