Grateful Dead MoFi 45RPM Vinyl Reissues

Anyone else enjoying the new mofi releases of Workingman's Dead and American Beauty as much as I am?
Really really nicely done.
Yes, I have them as well. Very nicely mastered. I did have to flatten a couple of the LPs with the Vinyl Flat and it took a couple plays to get them to quiet down a bit but they play very well now. I typically have these sorts of minor issues with records pressed at RTI, luckily nothing too severe. Still, I wish MoFi would find a different pressing plant.
Fremer's analog front end must suck because the
MFSL 33 1/3 of American Beauty is in my top 5
MFSL recordings. On my system it just sings...
Qdrone...have you heard the new MOFI 45RPM reissue? While I agree with you that the original MOFI 33 1/3 version is excellent, on my system, the new 45RPM is even better.

Just my .02 cents worth...and Fremer has an analog front end to die for, and he states that some might have a different opinion on the sound of the various versions.