Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. While this place can certainly qualify as a slightly dysfunctional family with a wierd uncle or two, I have gratitude for everyone who shares and contributes to my growth in this hobby of ours. In this crazy world it is nice to come home, cut on the music and feel restored. Cheers.


7.9 billion people giving thanks at once, now that's something to give thanks about.

NOW if we could get everybody to give thanks the other 364 days..

I'm not complaining, one day at a time, Today we start.. :-)

Enjoy the wonderful day and lets work on the rest.

PS My New Used Thoren 2030 arrived yesterday. Today it starts on it's journey with me.. Minor issue with the dust cover but the seller is a capital kind of guy.
Huston! We have a go.

The best of wishes to all.