Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. While this place can certainly qualify as a slightly dysfunctional family with a wierd uncle or two, I have gratitude for everyone who shares and contributes to my growth in this hobby of ours. In this crazy world it is nice to come home, cut on the music and feel restored. Cheers.


I thankful for life and best health through intense weigh lift that turn girl head all day. I thankful for fourth grade teacher that show me what special about woman in age ok way. I thankful for wife, wife’s sister and maid who become part of our circle of good time. I thankful for rockport and Maggie and Wilson and B&W and other. I thankful for sexy woman turkey and good fuse. Amen. None of this a man and woman be crap. To the men 🥃

While not a regular  contributor here, I too am grateful for the knowledge I have gleaned from you all. I am thankful not to have grown up under tyranny or privation.  I feel immense gratitude that my boys are healthy and well-adjusted. While it doesn’t come close to those other blessings, I am grateful for my gear, including my wonderful Luxman IA, my classic TD124, and all the other gear that allows me to sink into music and recuperate from the world. And to my amazing wife of nearly a quarter century. She makes everything “betterer.”

I am very grateful to have such excess that a Thanksgiving Meal for two

is rather decadent thing. 

How many people are staving today?  I mean in the USA.


Anyone at Woolsons this Saturday may be treated to hot turkey/stuffing/cranberry

sandwiches. Cooked on an italian style press. Best I can do in terms of feeding the world.