Great Blu-ray or DVD player for CD Transport

So I'd like to switch to a universal player to watch movies and listen to my CD's. My main concern is redbook CD performance through digital out (SPDIF or AES/EBU), not video. Even a DVD player that looks good on a 42" 720P HDTV is fine with me. Having a blu ray player would be nice but frankly I don't care too much. Faster CD loading times would also be a plus.

I currently am using an Oppo 981 DVD player as a transport. It's ok, but tends to sound a little bright compared to other dedicated CD transports I've used. The player would be used with a TACT M2150X digital amplifier so I don't need a DAC. Something under $500 used would be preferred.

Any thoughts?
I hooked up the new Pioneer DV-79avi last night and I have to admit that it was an immediate improvement over the Oppo player I was previously using. The overall presentation was much cleaner and transparent. Tighter bass, deeper soundstage, smoother treble, etc. Considering the unit is built like a tank I feel like a got a really good deal considering the $250 price tag.

On a side note the video performance was extremely good to for upconverting DVD's. Better than the Oppo in this department as well.
I'm not surprised. FWIW it's worth, the Oppo BDP-80 is also much better than the Oppo-980 I owned previously in those areas (and the BDP-83 is much better than the BDP-80). Have fun.
How about the Nad T585 or M55 which plays redbook very well on their own but are also built solidly if used as a transport?
Dsutfin, does DV-79avi do Multi-channel SACD/High Res. DVD
Audio Disks? Will it downmix these to 2 Channels? This has
atleast 1/3 wider and deeper Soundstage than Redbook CD.
No faky or fuzzy Dolby Surround Sound here, not when downmixed. Sounds crystal clear without ANY Digititus in the high frequencies. First time that I have ever heard THAT, off of an Optical Music Disk!
I have an Onkyo DV-SP1000(same as Integra DPS-10.5) and could not be more happy. This unit is rock solid(26+ lbs) with one of the smoothest and quietest transports I have ever seen. While the internal DAC's are good(Wolfson), used as a digital transport is the way to go. Here is an ad for one that just sold.

Take a look at this thread with photos.