Great classical pianists

Alexandra Dovgan is the pianist of her generation.


In the last century there was Richter. Today Trifonov. Now a new phenom. What is it in the Russian water that produces such giants of the keyboard?

We enjoy all great pianists. Rubinstein, Pollini, Argerich, Backhaus, Kempf, Michelangeli, Schnabel, Pogorelic, Gilels. Please add your favorite to this embarrassment of pianistic riches. But there is primus inter pares. 


I’d add Moravec and Sokolov to your list. For some currently performing and excellent pianists I’d include Beatrice Rana (Bach), Jean-Efflam Bavouzet (Debussy), Louis Lortie (Chopin & Liszt), Stephen Hough, and Jenny Lin, to name just a few accomplished or promising artists.

I am attending Alexander Malofeev’s solo recital in about six weeks. I expect this young man to become one of the greats

Martha Argerich is undisputed Queen of Piano of ALL times.

Personally involved in devotion to Valentina Lisitsa which is Piano Princess after Martha. She resides at Raleigh NC and I saw her live there. I bought $200 flower bouquet for her that day.