Great classical pianists

Alexandra Dovgan is the pianist of her generation.


In the last century there was Richter. Today Trifonov. Now a new phenom. What is it in the Russian water that produces such giants of the keyboard?

We enjoy all great pianists. Rubinstein, Pollini, Argerich, Backhaus, Kempf, Michelangeli, Schnabel, Pogorelic, Gilels. Please add your favorite to this embarrassment of pianistic riches. But there is primus inter pares. 


Ah, I forgot to say anything about Arrau. As several testimonials here indicate, he has a cult following for sure. And, yes, his "interpretations" are very personal, for a classical pianist, and often compelling. But too often, they're just willful and, well, wrong. For example, take the Arietta movement of the Op. 111 sonata. Or the slow movement of Op. 106. Ritardandos galore where they are not written, and frequently bloated tempi that Beethoven would surely have angrily rejected (again, we know this because of Beethoven's use of metronome markings). 

 Listening now. But in this effort, I must also add that the Studio or engineers on the project can make or break a recording. I am currently streaming "Debussy: Estampes, L. 100 - 1. Pagodes" and though I can tell that he is quite talented and expressive, to my liking, I am having to tune out the echo from the cavernous room that he is being recorded in. Possibly that was intended to create an ethereal sound, but I doubt it. I have an affinity towards recording from "Steinway & Sons Studio". They have spent a lot of effort in perfecting the recording and it shows.

But again, I have a certain love for classical music, as I was raised in a musical home, but and a big but, it is difficult at best to record (the technical aspect) of a large orchestra and when looking at a solo, it should be as near perfect as possible or I just don't want to waste my time. I search hard for talented and well-made recordings of classical. I just am not finding many of them.
I am going to spend some time with Auuau and hope that if you haven't heard them (I'd be surprised if you haven't) Hyperion Knight and of course one of the first crossovers, Claude Bolling. If you had some of his original LPs in good condition, they are worth $thousands$.
By the way just listened to, 'Liszt: Années de pèlerinage: 3ème année, S.163 - 4. Les jeux d'eau à la Villa d'Este' and it was very well made.

In addition to Jeremy Denker and Vikingur Olafsson, I'll add Jennifer Hewitt and Andras Schiff. So many wonderful pianists, so little time!

this young Russian pianist (he died) is especially loved in Japan... He has a special manner of performing (he was engaged in martial arts)... Chopin in his performance is a hit.
In this video, my favorite Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2


Gieseking for Beethoven. Most especially his 1944 'Emperor' with anti-aircraft cannons breaking through. Did not fully appreciate 'Emperor' till then.