Great concert

I saw Mark Knopfler in concert last Thursday. What a great concert. If anyone has the chance to see him, go!

That sounds very much like the play list from last Thursday. You will love the show. He's amazing.

Saw him 10 days ago at The Mann Music Center in Philadelphia. Tremendous music & musicianship, abysmal sound. Even the wife (she w/ a deaf ear) commented on the horrible mix. Opened here w/ a song from Ragpicker, had maybe one song from Shangri La, much of the rest was practically an "absolute best of". The boy can just flat-out play...

With even average/decent sound it would have ranked as one of the best concerts we've ever seen around here, but it was at The Mann and they really do need success w/ their fund-raiser (hoping to replace the whole sound system).

Dlwask, get ready for quite a night to remember.
Saw him in Boston. It was good, though not as good as the STP or OnEveryStreet tour, IMHO. However, it was a smaller band/production/venue concert and I did enjoy the intimacy of it.

The show did start with Wye Eye Man, which is from Ragpicker's Dream album. (What did they open with in Radio City?) I was surprised that On Every Street was completely left out. I also thought that I kept hearing bits of guitar solo from Once-Upon-a-Time from the Alchemy (live) album.

I was unimpressed with Sailing to Philadelphia this time around. (A sensational live version of this track and three others were included as an additional CD with the Ragpicker's Dream album in Canada.) I also wished that Speedway solo wasn't shortened. Telegraph was simply outstanding; the best I've ever heard.
I stand corrected- he did open with Wye Eye Man- the one song on Ragpicker's dream I never listen to. Guess I forgot. The concert was so damn good I'm still thinking about it :)
Saw him last Saturday at the Montreal Jazz Festival (they should rename it the "Music Festival" and quit this misleading advertising). Any way, I digress: yes great show. The one thing that struck me that is not as evident; song for song, on records is how truly morose most of his songs are. The slow ones more so.