Great Experience with Allnic and Kevalin Audio

I recently purchased a used allnic H1202 from Kevalin Audio ( and have to say it is a great experience. The used unit came and was not working out of the box. I contacted the owner of Kevalin Audio. His name is John Ketcham. He responded immediately and overnight a brand new unit to me without any hesitation. I was pretty suprised and shocked by his decision. I appreciate his great service and will definitely repeat as a customer. The new unit arrived via overnight shipping and everything is working out perfectly now. Allnic 1202 sounds really good out of the box and I can only imagine how it would be once it is broken in. If you need allnic product, do not hesistate to reach out to John. He is really knowledgeable and provides excellent service.
That’s great to hear. Seems like the dealers work well together and help one another out. My new dac was shipped from Canada.

Which allnic product(s) have you tried?  I don't think I can afford anything else at this point. lol
I’ve had the T1500 mk2, H1201, Puritas, and the interconnects, speaker cables, power cables. 
Used not working and changing with a new product?
Mmmmmm, does not exist philanthropy in it real or is it just a advertising spot?
This is not an ad. I'm 100% real about it.  Amazing dealer and product. I know sounds too good to be true. But it is.  You can contact me if you have questions. 
@vortex sorry I didn't see your reply sooner.  I'm not familiar with the other products as they are quite expensive stuff.  Recently I'm considering a new preamp. I'm looking at the L3000 4000 or 5000 in the used market.  Their cables are way too expensive for me.  How do you like them?