Great films where music is a central theme.

I'm a film lover for as long as I can remember. There's nothing like a film that combines my passion for music and film. I'm going to leave out concert films from this, as there are plenty of threads on that. Lets stick to other films - dramas or documentaries - that use music as a central theme, or have it as a key element in the narrative. Here are a few of my own favorites to get the ball rolling.

As it is in Heaven
The Bands Visit
Schultze Gets the Blues
Troubled Water (the Erik Poppe film)
Sweet and Lowdown
'Round Midnight
I'm Not Here


Throw Down Your Heart
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Lets Get Close (Bruce Weber)
Buena Vista Social Club
Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

So it's really could be split into two threads; Narative films and Documentaries. But lets try leaving it open to both, just no concert films. What are some of your favorites?
"New York,New York" and the original..."The man i love" with Ida Lupino.To keep this thread legit i think that music has to be the axis of the story.So movies with music that don't fuel the plot are well meaning but may be the sound of one hand clapping.
The cotton club -great album....crazy-hank garland story.Ray...american grafitti-another great album...especially the song the stroll WOW...

Ah, I gotcha. Yep, most of my picks would be disqualified by that criteria, though I would argue that Five Easy Pieces still qualifies.