Great guys to deal with in the audio industry

I think it will be great for all of us to share our experiences with great guys in this industry, helping others to make easier decisions the next time they need to buy equipment.

My recomendations:

Tyler Lashbrook, from Tyler Acoustics
Mark O┬┤Brien, from Rogue Audio
Vincent Chen, from Emotiva
Clint Hartman, from Wyred 4 Sound
Brian Ding and Enrico Castagnetti, from Rythmik Audio
David at

Please, share your recommendations.
Another shout out for Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio. I'd also add Keith Herron, Karl Schuster (Empirical Design) and Dan Wright to the list. These guys are world class human beings who happen to make great audio equipment. They have spent countless hours supporting me in this craziness.
John Baloff @ Theta Digital
The folks at Martin Logan
Larry Zurowski at Magnum Dynalab
Jeff Poor at Balanced Audio Technology
Paul McGowan at P.S.Audio

As for down-to-earth dealers who try hard to understand the needs of it's customers. Fred Kat of Katli Audio in Chino Hills, California is one of the nicest, most sincere individuals I've ever encountered.

Too many snobbish, arrogant jerks in high-end audio in my opinion. Been to C.E.S. in Las Vegas for the last 15 years in a row. Many nice manufacturers and dealers, but entirely too many assholes and condescending nimrods who claim to be the know-it-alls and put down other companies wares. Same is true in the Los Angeles area. Been to a few too many audio stores full of jerks. IMHO.
Ralph Karsten -- Atma-Sphere
Roger Modjeski -- Music Reference
Bobby Palkovic -- Merlin
Jim Smith -- former AvantGarde importer
Frank Betz -- Soundex (RIP)
there are so many wonderful folks in the industry - here are just a few that quickly come to my mind:

Ralph Karsten (Atma-Sphere)
EJ / Clint (Wyred4Sound)
Kevin Hayes (VAC)
Roy Johnson (Green Mountain Audio)
Mike Elliot (CounterPoint)
Pretty much anybody at Pass Labs, Wilson Audio, Zu Audio