Great guys to deal with in the audio industry

I think it will be great for all of us to share our experiences with great guys in this industry, helping others to make easier decisions the next time they need to buy equipment.

My recomendations:

Tyler Lashbrook, from Tyler Acoustics
Mark O┬┤Brien, from Rogue Audio
Vincent Chen, from Emotiva
Clint Hartman, from Wyred 4 Sound
Brian Ding and Enrico Castagnetti, from Rythmik Audio
David at

Please, share your recommendations.
Jeffrey Catalano @ High Water Sound
Jeffrey Catalano @ High Water Sound
Did I mention Jeffrey Catalano @ High Water Sound
I second Goldeneraguy

Jeffrey is amazingly different. Sold me on speakers he does not sell since I could not afford the ones he sold! Always open to talk music.
He's in the business cause he loves music. His extensive knowledge and his willingness to share it shows that. And it really doesn't hurt that the brands he represents are great too!
@Jameswei I know. It is pretty rare these days to get that kind of service. I am lucky enough to live in the San Francisco, which is not too long of a drive.
-Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio. Gordon emailed me back within 30 minutes regarding amplifiers that he knew were purchased second-hand and offered his phone # if I needed any more assistance.
-Larry of Paragon Sight And Sound. Larry help me with a Doshi Alaap preamplifier that he knew was purchased second-hand. He then phoned me back with the pin information on a cable that he realized was being constructed by someone else. (XLR to RCA)
-Joe Levy of Tempo Electric. Constructed the above mentioned cable and speaker cables. Excellent phone conversations with him!
-Jerry Ramsey of Audio Magic. I purchased his Oracle, used and not from him. He gaev his time freely, I did purchase from him 2 Clairvoyant Liquid Air PCs and same 1 IC with nice pricing. I am Interested in buying a couple more from him soon. Extremely nice phone conversation with a very interesting guy!
Fully positive experiences all around! They all gave great SOUND advice!!!
Kevin Barrett at KAB. He is always willing to talk and share his experience. He has been very helpful to me over the years.