Great guys to deal with in the audio industry

I think it will be great for all of us to share our experiences with great guys in this industry, helping others to make easier decisions the next time they need to buy equipment.

My recomendations:

Tyler Lashbrook, from Tyler Acoustics
Mark O┬┤Brien, from Rogue Audio
Vincent Chen, from Emotiva
Clint Hartman, from Wyred 4 Sound
Brian Ding and Enrico Castagnetti, from Rythmik Audio
David at

Please, share your recommendations.
Jonathan Tinn at Chambers Audio - he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with over the years. A real gent.

Great folks with great gear as testament above, expressly implies. I would contribute Victor Khomenko of BAT.
John Iconomou of Audio Salon in Coral Gables, FL. John is extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with. His enthusiasm is contagious and he carries some of the finest product lines out there.