Great Jazz SACDs

I just left the CD world and moved into SACD world. I am trying to figure out witch SACDs to purchase. Not only does it need to be great music, but also looking for pressings that match or exceed the sound from vinyl. Any suggestions? Thanks
Without knowing more about your tastes in jazz, it's hard to suggest specific SACD titles. For starters, check out the SACD's available from both MusicDirect and Analogue Productions. You should also explore some of the releases available from the Japanese label called "EightyEights", which is producing some very good, audiophile-quality recordings on LP and SACD. Analogue Productions was recently chosen as the U.S. distributor for "EightyEights" releases.
I recommend anything available from Mobile Fidelity.

Check out Patricia Barber's SACD, Modern Cool.

This is what SACD is all about, IMO.
I was in the largest independent record store in the Detroit area last week. They were the first of any stores around here to carry SACDs. Now, well over two years later, they are selling a whopping 5 a week! As a result, SACDs have been moved from a prominent position to a corner of store that doesn't get much traffic. Also placed there are the DVD-As which are selling about 2 a week. Seems inevitable that SACD and DVD-A are destined to become audiophile items, pure and simple. This will keep the releases to a minimum. I mean, the best SACD can come up with is Dark Side of The Moon? However, I did have an interesting conversation with a 20 and 28 yr woman and man yesterday. They both said downloading songs off the internet is becoming more of a chore than simply buying the CD. This was especially true with the 28 yr old who then said he is downloading 1/2 of what he did 1-2 yrs ago. The 20 yr old said same thing but said she is also not buying many CDs, likes not "trashing up" her room with all those discs. Three years after SACD became available, I don't know anyone, outside my 3-4 audiophile friends, who has a player, and none who intend on ever buying one.
Concord ccd2-9041-2- Chick Corea- "Rendezvous in New York"

Live DSD recording(they used the much talked about EMM Labs ADC 8-8 & DAC 8 MkII, as well as the DCS 904/954)-features Corea in duo settings with master vibraphonist Gary Burton, vocalist Bobby McFerrin and pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba. There are three trios: the "Now He Sings, Now He Sobs" group with bassist Miroslav Vitous and drummer Roy Haynes; Akoustic Band with bassist John Patitucci and drummer Dave Weckl; and New Trio comprising bassist Avishai Cohen and drummer Jeff Ballard. Corea also leads a quartet (the Three Quartets Band with tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker, bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Steve Gadd); a quintet (the "Remembering Bud Powell" band with Terence Blanchard taking trumpeting duties); and a sextet (Origin, with clarinetist Steve Wilson, bass clarinetist Tim Garland and trombonist Steve Davis in addition to Cohen and Ballard).
I was surprised to find two new SACDs at the very attractive price of $20.99 CDN at a large Montreal retailer. The special price must come from the record company so similar bargains are no doubt available in the USA. They are reissues by Philips from the Concord label. The two are Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers "Keystone 3" and Stan Getz "Pure Getz". These are hybrids and 5.1. The music is great, the Messengers being more punchy and driving than the Getz, but what can you say about the Getz tone that has not already been said? I can't tell you what kind of job was done in multi channel since I am still in the process of figuring out which way I want to go with the equipment right now. At any rate: great music, very good recordings and all at a great price. Let's hope this is the start of more decent pricing on SACDs, the format really need a shot in the arm. Regards.