Great Monitors – Joseph Audio Pulsar ?

I read a review today of the Joseph Audio Pulsar. Has anyone heard these in a listening room setting and do you have an opinion? Before you laugh, what I am looking for is a monitor that will give me the wonderful mids, highs, and all the accolades that go with an Avalon or Magico or Wilson or Revel or etc. but with a bass cut off that can be supplemented with a Subwoofer. I am looking to move from 2 channels to 5 channels and have never been able to integrate a subwoofer well in my system. Does a great (under $10k - sorry no Dynaudio C1) monitor exist that does everything but just has a low end cut out. It seems that everyone is trying to build no-compromise monitors and in fact everything gets compromised given the price. Help.
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For what it is worth, I purchased a pair of Pulsars with the intent of using them in a second system. Initially, I put them in my main system (alongside my Revel Ultima Studios) to break them in and push them with my nicer amp and see what they could really do. Long story short...I ended up selling my Revels and the Pulsars are now my main speakers. Value is a matter of perception. In my case, I perceive the Pulsars to be correctly priced, perhaps even a bit on the low side. Others may disagree and that's fine, but I would respectfully suggest not to fall into pit where judgment is by looks alone. These speakers are the real deal.
I've heard great things about them as well. Thought about buying a pair. Only thing that concerns me is the resale. JA is not a no name brand but the Pulsars are a little pricey and my perception is there's not a huge demand for used JA speakers. Of course, I go through a lot of equipment, so it's a concern of mine. I expect some loss but I don't have a feel for how the price on these speakers will hold up. What if they're worth only $2500 on the used market? That's a jagged little pill to swallow. I don't audition equipment anymore either. I see something, read about it, and buy if I think I'll like it. So no-audion $5k monitors aren't really in my comfort zone. But I encourage you to try them and let us know how they sound. :)
I would not worry to much about "lower" resale value. As a Joseph dealer I try to keep up with the going rates of their products used. I would say that JA is no worse (or better) then most other speakers in it's price range.

And trust me, the Pulsars sound incredible!!
I realize that you did not ask for other options, however, the always well-thought-of B&W 805s have a new version just out, the 805 Diamond, that is getting absolutely rave reviews. I have not heard them, but have been trolling various forums and the early returns are that they are spectacular. There is a current thread here on agon about the new Diamond series, and the 805 is mentioned there by some people who have just heard them. I assume you will have no trouble finding a dealer near you that has them. I've heard great things about the new Marten monitor as well, but they are even rarer than a JA speaker. Anyway, please accept my apologies for intruding with another suggestion, but it may be worth checking out. Good luck.