Great musicians who should have been famous except....

I'm throwing this out there as an example. My 16 yr old aspiring drummer son asked me if I had anything in the vinyl collection tonight... apparently the U Tube video tutorials finally got boring. He is really good and practices non stop but it was refreshing when he asked about ideas for sound. In a moment of 30 years past clarity I put on the B side of Van Halen 1984… Is Alex Van Halen the most under rated rock drummer of all time? And is there a better lead in to ANY rock vinyl side than that???
Dennis Brain - virtuoso British horn player who likewise passed away untimely!
I will call him "George." Fantastic guitarist I played with in the 60’s. He could literally sound like Hendrix and Clapton. Why is he not famous today? Arrogance and conceit. I will just call him "George Unworthy."
Thought I'd throw a few great, highly distinctive but underappreciated guitarists into the mix:
Sandy BullTal FarlowLenny BreauDanny KalbPaul KossoffHilton Valentine

As a drummer, and fan of free improv/ avant- jazz, I’m always searching out well recorded, esoteric drummers.

If willing to listen with an open mind I highly recommend going down Hamid Drake, Tyshawn Sorey, and Han Bennink YouTube rabbit holes. Also check out recordings by Dave King (The Bad Plus, Happy Apple, Trucking Company). King has a wonderfully hilarious drum parody series on YouTube called Rational Funk. A fantastic escape for drummers.

... and any of Paul Motian’s recordings on ECM are masterpieces.