Great network streamers with only USB outputs

I'm looking to upgrade my streaming from a Logitech Transporter to something a bit more hi-end.

Problem is most of my choices have USB outputs only. My DAC Bel Canto 3.7 (recently upgraded by Ace Tomato) Doesn't support USB. All of a sudden it seems like manufacturers are putting usb outs only. I'm looking at Sonore Rendu & Innuos products mainly because I will be able to keep the Squeezebox ecosystem with these products, and they both appear to be of good quality. Some of the Innuos products do provide Spdif out, but they have internal DACs, which I'm not interested in.

Now I'm longing for a DAC that supports USB. maybe the Bel Canto 2.7 which I'm not sure if it will be better than my Bel Canto 3.7 with upgraded power supply etc.

Do USB converters degrade the audio signal ? Do I have to search  out and expensive USB to SPDIF converter ?

I wonder what others are doing with older type DACs that they love ?

The Sonore Rendu setup looks real hi-end. Seems they have really taken the time to clean up the digital audio signal. I would really like to go that route. Their USB to SPDIF converter costs $500usd.

Please don't bother recommending other streamers which take me out of the Squeezebox LMS ecosystem.

Maybe tell me about your work around for USB out only devices. Perhaps someone can give me a comparisons on the Bel Canto 3.7 to the Bel Canto 2.7. I love Bel canto and might just change DACs. As the 2.7 is more future proof.

Thanks for any input you may be able to provide.


I suspect anyone who craps on USB-SPDIF converters in general has never used one.

I feel like less in the chain is best. I'm going Spdif out of the Antipodes directly to my Bel Canto DAC. I really don't think my ears will pick up on the differences I'm getting from my Server/Streamer. I'm trying to keep the music chain a streamlined as possible.

I agree it makes sense to streamline the music chain but my recent experience is different. 

From an Innuos Statement to LampizatOr Goldengate3 the direct USB with a FTA Sinope USB is way inferior to Innuos Ethernet > Sonore Opticalmodule > Fiber > Sonore Signature Rendu SE > Sinope USB > Antipodes S20 > S/PDIF to LampizatOr.

That's a lot of conversions going on but it makes it magical beyond words.  I was using an UltraRendu instead of the SignatureRendu SE/fiber up until this week and that beat the direct USB by a fair margin.  Swapping in the SignatureRendu is a game changer.